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Brief Introduction Of PVC Heat Shrinkable Film On PVC Film Manufacturer
Aug 15, 2018

For rigid PVC heat shrinkable film, it is better to use suspension type 6 or 7 resin. Although its bulk resistivity is not as high as type 2 or 3 resin on heat shrinkable film for wire and cable connection, type 7 resin has good formability. Production practice has proved that it is difficult to form rigid PVC heat shrinkable film when using type 2 or 3 resin. The film is hard and crisp, and it can not be folded and rolled. When PVC film is plasticized with plasticizer, the thermal shrinkage temperature decreases with the increase of plasticizer content. For example, when using suspended 3-type PVC resin powder and adding 30-50 PHR DOP plasticizer, the product can be biaxially oriented at about 70 C, and the product can shrink at about 40 C, so it can not be stored in hot weather.

Moreover, with the increase of plasticizer content, the bulk resistivity of heat shrinkable sleeve for wire and cable decreases. Therefore, when we use PVC heat shrinkable sleeve for wire and cable joints, we still use type 6 or 7 resins which are easy to process. In order to improve the insulation, the transparent PVC film uses a heat stabilizer which combines three salts with two salts and is suitable. When the film thickness is raised, insulation is ensured. P83 NBR not only has good workability, elasticity and cold resistance, but also can improve the strength and stress cracking resistance of PVC products. Active CaCO3 mainly improves insulation, flame retardancy and cost reduction.