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Characteristic Utilization Of Pvc Transparent Film
Mar 19, 2018

Transparent films are seen in many daily necessities, such as the fresh-keeping bags we used, the film on the cell phone screen, etc. These are all transparent films, which are also the main form of expression. The ordinary thin films are made of plastic materials, so they usually have the characteristics of plastic, and the PVC transparent film is a typical one.

As the main plastic film, this is more of a class of products currently in use, at present, many types of films are borrowed from the PVC film, because PVC itself has certain transparency, transparency is better than polyethylene, but also has a certain viscosity of film, it is used in many fields.

Many times, it is because of the use of this plastic film that we have more safety. At present, PVC film has certain flame retardancy, which is very effective for some specific places, and also provides certain safety guarantee.