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Eco Clear Pvc Sheet Film Reflects A Series Of Superior Performance
Jun 30, 2018

The reason why eco clear pvc sheet film can stand out in many protective film products is to use it in all aspects have excellent performance, so that the appearance of environmental protection transparent PVC film, smooth surface, no cracks, no bubbles, uniform color; On the analysis, the environmentally friendly transparent PVC film has heat resistance, cold resistance, anti-aging, heavy pressure resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, good light transmission, and long service life.


Environmental protection transparent PVC film can achieve heat resistance 100 °C, cold -30 °C, resistant to strong acid, alkali, heavy pressure, help improve the efficiency of the work, for the product to reduce cleaning costs and enhance the appearance of an important role. Due to its excellent electrical insulation properties, inert chemical properties, and non-toxic and odor-free properties, the environmentally friendly transparent PVC film has no adverse effects on the human body and has anti-radiation properties, and can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity and dissipate static electricity.


The material of eco clear pvc sheet film is generally based on PVC with a thickness of 10um-75um, which has high image quality, stable quality, and high added value. Such products have already been applied in packaging and decorating markets for various industries such as packaging, gifts, decorations, lighting, building materials, advertising decoration, window stickers, stickers, shoes, and sports equipment.


Under normal circumstances, environmental protection transparent PVC film is suitable for printing, high frequency, sewing, bronzing and other processing methods, can be used to process jelly bags, blankets bags, cosmetic bags, book covers, raincoats, stationery and so on.