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How To Distinguish The Quality Of The Leather
Jan 26, 2018

With the improvement of social and economic level, more and more leather materials are applied to all aspects of people's lives, including clothing, luggage, leather products, shoes and other products. It is more and more broad application range of leather, there are a lot of poor leather leather texture shoddy, so how to identify various kinds of leather, how to identify the leather has a lot of users now need to know the knowledge.

For all kinds of dermis, it is mainly to observe the pores on the leather.

Leather imitation leather is mainly the pores and the floor, which can be observed from the leather section.

Sheep leather surface in a semicircular arc of two to four pores, surrounded by a large number of fine pores. Thin leather, soft hand, small pores, a flat round, a group of pores arranged in a group, hair far away. Due to the uneven surface of leather bags, leather surface is rough, soft and low, generally after shave after use.

Yellow cattle leather pores are small, round, evenly distributed and tight, and the pores are straight inside. The leather is full and light, and the skin plate is soft and thin, strong, and the handle is strong and elastic.

Buffalo leather leather surface is not flat, some rough surface, pore larger than the coarse and thin pores, usually do not use it to do the leather and make the sole.

Horse leather pore oval hole, than the cow leather, leather slant in the inside of the pulse shape, leather soft and loose, the color is dim light as the cow leather.

The skin from appearance to leather is similar to leather, but without pores, the floor is not animal skin, and is made of knitted fabric.