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How To Distinguish The Quality Of The Sofa Leather
Jan 26, 2018

Now many families buy sofa will choose to use leather - made sofa. First, the sofa leather is soft and comfortable; second, the sofa leather is easy to clean, and it is also wear-resistant and so on. But in the face of all kinds of sofa leather on the sofa leather market, how can we choose the sofa leather which is of good quality and has relatively affordable price? So many consumers have been plagued by the problem

1, when we are buying the sofa leather, we directly squeeze the side of the sofa and all the corners and so on. When we found out, no matter how we try to squeeze the sofa, the sofa can quickly restore its original shape. Then we can try to sit on the sofa, directly on their own touch to feel how we choose the sofa quality, and then according to whether make up very comfortable and so on.

2, we can go directly from the leather of the sofa. In general, we can directly judge whether the sofa leather is real leather. To verify whether leather is real leather, we can use the means of lighting, seeing, touching, and so on.