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Industrial Printed Pvc Film Paper Efficiency And Gloss
May 31, 2018

Industrial printing pvc films are referred to as films, silicones, and plastics to a certain extent. In the process of operation, transparent plastic films are applied to the surface of prints by hot pressing to protect and increase gloss. Laminated film has been widely used in the cover of the books, pictures, albums, postcards, product brochures, calendars and maps for surface mounting and protection. At present, the common film packaging products are cartons, cartons, handbags, fertilizer bags, seed bags, stickers, etc.


Industrial printing pvc film can effectively protect the paper, so that it can effectively extend the life of its cover, especially for students' textbooks. Imprints are not easily damaged. After the film is covered, the cover of the color image can have the same protective effect, and it is not easy to be worn. Thanks to these advantages, the fine art editors of the publishing house are able to make various art designs on the cover.


Industrial printing pvc film is coated with a transparent plastic film on the paper product. In the process of operation, it is like the cover of the product manual printing, the outer surface of the carton, which are easily worn out. To a certain extent, the protective film is needed. This requires a layer of paper before folding and cutting after printing. This film must be very transparent, has good toughness, has a uniform texture, is free of gas bubbles, and has a very smooth surface. It is usually made of polypropylene and it is pre-coated with a thermoplastic polymer binder for bonding with paper. The printing press firmly affixed it to the paper with a hot roller.


The surface of the industrial printing film paper has a better luster, a thicker texture, and the color printed on it will be protected during the operation. We saw in the front that the coating also has the same effect, but after the paper is thick It becomes brittle and becomes flexible and resistant after folding.


Industrial printing film paper film is the most transparent, almost no effect on the ink color in the process of operation, a slight deformation after loading things will appear very soft, very low, calendars do not apply light film, because it interferes Line of sight, but on a flat surface such as a hardcover book cover, cardboard box, etc., the effect of light as a mirror is good; the texture of the matt film is thick and stable, generally considered to be higher than the light film, and its price is also higher, but it Like the lacquer oil, it will affect the ink, and the very discerning colors, such as the color of the person's skin, and the company's standard color, which are not suitable for a bit, are not suitable for the use of matt film.