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Mechanical Operation On The Quality Of PVC Film And PVC Micelles
May 30, 2018

If the PVC film is the main component of the city's current use of more plastic film, then as another form of PVC, the use of PVC particles or PVC particles is also very much. In the city, the plastic products formed by this form of PVC are also innumerable. As a plastic colloid, its current quality is its most critical part. Here is a brief introduction to some mechanical operations to control the quality of PVC and PVC transparent films.

The double - step machine should adjust the feed, twin screw, single screw and grain cutting speed, double screw temperature control to ensure good plastic plasticizing, single screw temperature control to ensure smooth material, melt pressure is normal, the appearance of granular material is light but not mass, the melt temperature is generally controlled between 150-175 degrees C (UPVC 5-10 degrees C). The use of the filter shall be in strict accordance with the requirements of the indicator card and change the net according to the prescribed time interval. If the raw material is more impurities or other reasons lead to the plugging of the net, the interval time should be properly lodging in order to prevent the net. Once the net is found, the material produced in the front should be reworked immediately.