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On The Partial Use Of Soft PVC Films
Aug 13, 2018

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a kind of plastic material. Its mouldability is very high in polymers. It can produce different forms of PVC due to different doses of plasticizers, including hard PVC materials and soft PVC films. Hard PVC is mainly used in some mechanical industries, played a supplementary role, and because of its strong corrosion resistance, chemical stability, so it is more suitable as an auxiliary material. And another kind of PVC film produced by adding more doses of plasticizer is the most unique feature of this polymer. At present, many products have the composition of this material. Some automobile coatings also use this material, which has the composition on the skin care product protective film, and in some hands. The material on the film is also included.

If this kind of PVC film has what kind of characteristics, then its characteristics are still very many, its toughness, transparency is good, has a certain viscosity. This kind of material is also a kind of material to help our daily life, and the preservative film we usually use is also a product of this material.