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PVC Color Film Using The Industry And Thermal Materials
Mar 03, 2018

pvc color film in the use of its essence is a vacuum plastic film, when used mainly for the surface of various types of panel packaging, also known as the operation of decorative film, with plastic film, used in building materials , Packaging, medicine and many other industries.

pvc color film can be effectively divided into PVC hard film and PVC soft film, soft PVC under normal circumstances will be effective for its ceiling, flooring and leather surface, but because of its soft VC contains softener, Easy to become brittle during use, it will not be easy to save, so its use has been limited. Hard PVC does not contain softener, so good flexibility, easy to shape, not brittle, non-toxic and pollution-free, long storage time.

pvc color film in the operation is a thermal material, the hardness of its products will be effective as its temperature changes, the higher the temperature will be softened, the lower the temperature will be hardened directly , The protective film in the premise of constant temperature is small, the hardness of its products depends on the level of its oil, the higher the softer oil.

pvc color film formulations are usually divided by the level of oil into summer formula, winter formula and spring and autumn formula. In general, three kinds of formulations made of PVC film, can not be used for season. Accordingly, with three kinds of PVC film made of PVC film, generally can not be used for season. If the PVC bags made in summer or spring and winter to get winter use, it is prone to brittle fracture phenomenon. Conversely, if the bags made in winter or spring and autumn get summer use, there will be soft and boneless situation. Spring and autumn bags are not used in winter and summer.