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PVC Film Application
Apr 26, 2018

As a PVC film, it is used in many places, such as the mobile phone people are using now, and the surface film is designed based on the principle of PVC transparent membrane. It is also designed to some characteristics of the PVC film, such as its transparency, stickiness and certain wear resistance, all of which are required by mobile film sticker and also the characteristic of the PVC. At present, the PVC is also used mainly to a number of household plastic film sticker and anti light film, for the wide range of film, many fields can reflect its value. It is precisely because of this characteristic that PVC has become the main plastic material currently used.

In the city, the use of this material is relatively frequent at present, whether it is the hard form of PVC or soft form of PVC film is often a kind of life in people's life. But in fact, now the PVC film is also used more and more widely, a lot of skin care products in the isolation film is to use this material for processing, it can be seen how high the use rate.