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PVC Film Has A High Reference Value For The Development Of Plastic Film.
Aug 20, 2018

Plastic processing is now more common use, we see in supermarkets and trade markets, many products are plastic as the main material. It can be said that now plastic has become the main material used in the city, many products in our life are actually made from this plastic material, such as most of the packaging containers, some circuit shells, as well as the wall switches and sockets we use, these shells are made of plastic materials. . It can be said that plastic has been everywhere in our daily life, and as a typical plastic material, PVC is used more plastic material, and this material is the most classic product than PVC film, this is a film worthy of reference.

At present, many of the film, diaphragm, transparent film are produced from this kind of PVC film (need to use precision screen printing machine for screen printing), it can be said that this kind of plastic film is a development of the "template". Similar to the current mobile phone film, plastic diaphragm, automotive film, etc. are developed from the characteristics of PVC film, PVC film formed when there is a certain viscosity, and this form of PVC plastic film transparency is relatively high, which is of great significance for future development of plastic film.