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PVC Film Has A Wide Range Of Use
May 10, 2018

PVC film has a certain role in all kinds of skin care products, car sticker, daily use and so on. In the skin care products, the film after the opening of the bottle is the PVC transparent film formed by the PVC as the main raw material. The PVC film has the effect of anti light.

PVC film has a lot of action, and it is very common in our lives. If we have three meals, we will use this kind of film to pack vegetables and meat to prevent pollution. Usually, the packaging will be frozen in the refrigerator. This is a function of plastic film -- fresh-keeping film. The plastic wrap is transparent, so it is also called PVC transparent film. The packaging and wrapping of some products in this form are all good, and can play an external role which is difficult to invade pollution. The plastic film also has many other functions, such as this component in the wire, which is wrapped in this kind of wire to ensure that the current will not be caused by unnecessary damage. These materials are also used on some beverage bottles.