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PVC Film Is A Major Breakthrough In The Development Of Plastics
Jun 07, 2018

PVC film is a polymer called polyvinyl chloride, which can be regarded as a kind of resin. Because of the high plasticity of the material, polymers with different hardness can be made by adding different degrees of plasticizers. A transparent PVC film is made of soft PVC by adding plasticizer, which can be the main ingredient of plastic wrap.

PVC film is a form of PVC, and it has many kinds of forms, and it has the characteristics of stable properties, not easy to be corroded by acid, alkali corrosion and heat resistance. It has become the main use material of light industry and engineering. It can be said that this is a major breakthrough in the development of plastic, it is used as a number of packaging materials and sheets, because it is suitable for polyvinyl chloride pipe, PVC film, PVC hard wood and board, pvc wall panel and floor, is a wide range of materials, is a good product worthy of trust business.