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PVC Film Is One Of The Main Packaging Forms
Apr 23, 2018

At present, the plastic industry is developing rapidly. Many new plastic polymers are produced, which can promote the abundance of plastic material itself. As a polymer, it can be mixed with a variety of materials to form the use of composite materials. PVC film is a product that changes the production of PVC by plasticizer. This kind of film has a certain viscosity, can play a certain adhesion effect, and the transparency of this material is better than polyethylene, so it is also called PVC film. This plastic film, due to its good toughness, can be used in many fields, including the isolation film in skin care products, the anti light film on the automobile glass, and the surface film of the electronic products.

These are used to this PVC film, as a form of PVC film, it has a wide range of use, for the current city of plastic products, the use of this material for packaging is very good, it is also one of the main forms of ornament packaging.