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Pvc Film Manufacturers Briefly Describe The Characteristics Of The Film Structure
Jun 06, 2018

Everything has its own unique properties, and here we talk about the characteristics of the membrane structure. The characteristics of a membrane structure as a building system mainly depend on its unique morphology and the properties of the membrane itself. Because of this, using a membrane structure can create a design scheme that cannot be achieved with traditional building systems.

1. Lightweight: The reason for the small weight of the tension structure is that it relies on prestressed forms rather than materials to maintain structural stability. So that its self-weight is much smaller than the traditional building structure, but it has a good stability. Architects can use their lightweight large-span features to design and organize structural details and organically unite their light and stable structural characteristics.

2. Transparency: Transparency is one of the most widely recognized features of modern membrane structures. The transparency of the pvc transparent film can provide the required illumination for the building, which is very important for building energy conservation. This is especially important for commercial buildings that require a lot of light and high brightness. Through the comprehensive utilization of natural lighting and artificial lighting, the transparency of the membrane material can provide greater aesthetic creation space for architectural design. At night, light transmission changes the film structure into a light sculpture.

The light transmission of a film is determined by its base fiber, coating and its color. Spectral transmittance of standard films is between 10% and 20%, and spectral transmission of some films can reach 40%, while some films are opaque. The light transmittance of the film and the choice of light color can be adjusted by the color of the coating or the color of the surface layer.

By the appropriate combination of the film material and the light-transmitting heat insulating material, the heat-insulating layer-containing multilayer film can be made light-transmitting. Even if the spectral transmission is only a few percent, the film roof is still shiny and translucent to the human eye, with a light roofing look and feel.

3. Flexibility: Tensile film structure is not rigid, it will be deformed under the action of wind load or snow load. The membrane structure adapts to the external load through deformation, and the radius of curvature of the membrane surface in the direction of the load will decrease during this process until it can resist the load more effectively.

The flexibility of the tensioned structure allows it to produce large displacements without permanent deformation. The elastic properties and prestress levels of the pvc film material determine the deformation and reaction of the film structure. Adapting to the natural, flexible nature can inspire people's architectural design inspiration.

The flexible procedures of different membranes are also different. Some membranes have excellent flexibility and will not cause brittle fracture or breakage due to folding. Such materials are the basis and prerequisite for the effective realization of a mobile and deployable structure.

4. Sculptural Sense: The unique curved surface of the tensioned membrane structure gives it a strong sense of sculpture. The film surface is self-balanced by tension. The sense of balance of the negative Gaussian film's undulations allows the larger-sized structure to look like it's free from gravity and floats in between the heavens and the earth. This sculptural texture is exciting both indoor and outdoor.

The light of the night gives the film structure a strong sense of sculpture

The tensioned membrane structure allows architects to design a variety of tensions that are self-balancing, complex, and vivid. In the course of a day, with the change of light, the sculptural membrane structure shows different forms through light and shadow. At sunrise and sunset, the light at low angles of incidence will highlight the curvature and embossing effect of the roof. When the sun is at apogee, the streamlined boundary of the membrane structure throws a shadow on the ground. Using the translucency and reflectivity of the film, artificial light that has been designed can also make the film structure a light sculpture.

5. Safety: Lightweight tensioned membrane structures designed in accordance with existing national norms and guidelines have sufficient safety. The lightweight structure can maintain good stability under the action of horizontal loads such as earthquakes.

Due to the lighter weight of the lightweight structure, even if accidentally collapsed, the risk is smaller than that of the traditional building structure. When the membrane structure is torn, if the structural arrangement can ensure that the rigid support members such as masts and beams do not collapse, the danger is even smaller.

The flexibility of the membrane structure allows it to be carried in the most favorable shape under any load. Of course, the layout and shape of the structure must be designed and adjusted according to the loading conditions. The design is to ensure that the membrane surface and its auxiliary structure work in coordination to avoid the critical value of structural damage caused by the concentration of forces on the membrane surface or the auxiliary structure.