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PVC Film Provides Help For The Plastic Development Market
Jun 04, 2018

PVC is a kind of material formed by the development of plastic materials to a certain extent. This material has the characteristics of good transparency, light weight and so on. PVC also has its unique characteristics, that is, this material will form different forms of PVC shape with different doses of plasticizers, with hard PVC and soft PVC. PVC film is one of the most important forms of soft PVC. It is a soft PVC form formed under the addition of a large amount of plasticizers. After processing, it has formed a film type with good transparency, light, thin and sticky. This type of PVC transparent membrane has been used in many ways. For example, in the skin care products, the upper layer of plastic film has PVC film components.

For example, the automobile's shading film also has the PVC thin film ingredient, has played the strong paste effect, can endure in the automobile glass existence. As a plastic product, the film is characterized by its large variability and can be used in many places, and it has been one of the most prominent materials since the development of plastic. Its value is not only embodied in itself, but also reflected in providing help for the market development of plastic products.