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PVC Film Under The Market Competition System
May 02, 2018

The fierce market competition has made the PVC membrane develop towards the more advanced technology, and has also made PVC film widely used in all walks of life. For example, wrapping food, beverages, wires, cables, all kinds of building materials and irregular valuables. Today, we will explain the environmental protection and application security issues.

PVC transparent film has good transparency, good oil resistance, good barrier to water vapor and oxygen, and good corrosion resistance to many substances such as acid, alkali, salt and so on. A food grade PVC resin and a non-toxic additive with low storage capacity of vinyl chloride monomer can be used to produce plastic packages that meet the national standard and can be directly exposed to packaged drinks, food and drugs. However, once the content of vinyl chloride monomer exceeds the standard or the improper additives are selected, it may cause the safety of the contact with the food during the use of PVC packaging film.

On the other hand, we can see that the ecological environment will also have adverse consequences due to its waste. Based on this, many international and regional environmental protection departments have promulgated relevant laws and regulations to prohibit or restrict the use of PVC. In 1992, the use of PVC as a food packaging material was prohibited in Europe, and Japan was also prohibited from using PVC packaging in 2000. According to the announcement by the World Packaging Organization board of directors, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Europe have banned PVC as a packaging material, and the Taiwan area of China has also promulgated the waste cleaning law, which explicitly stipulates that PVC is banned as packaging material from 2006.