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Pvc Transparent Film And Polymer Flame Retardant
May 09, 2018

Plastics or Polymers Actually, we use more product materials in our lives. However, at present, social development is also inseparable from polymers. The development of polymers is very fast, and there are polymerizations such as pvc, pp, and pe. Materials, such as the plastic wrap used in our lives, are designed based on pvc transparent film. They have a very important role and a high status in mechanical equipment and light industry. Plastics are not omnipotent or harmless, and its burning will produce a pungent odor and affect the body, so here's to introduce its flame retardant.

    Combustion is a chemical reaction that aerobics participate in. The first is the mixing of fuel and oxygen, and the mixture ignites under the ignition of the heat source, where flame burning occurs. Fuel, oxygen (air) and heat are the three basic elements of combustion. In fact, combustion is a very complicated process, especially the combustion of polymers such as pvc membranes, which is influenced by the structure of the polymer materials themselves, the thermal degradation behavior, the heat and the diffusion of air (oxygen) and the ignition source, etc. The impact of external factors.

    1. The pvc film polymer first begins thermal degradation or thermal oxidative degradation in the presence of oxygen under conditions of external heat source irradiation, resulting in flammable volatiles.

    2. The resulting flammable volatiles are released from the polymer surface, diffuse into the gas phase, and mix with the oxygen that has diffused from the air.