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PVC Transparent Membrane Can Be Found In Our Life Through Many Treatments.
Jul 18, 2018

PVC transparent film is obviously a kind of transparent plastic film, and as a kind of such thin film, it has a relatively wide range of uses. Due to the formation of soft PVC, a certain plasticizer should be added to make it a transparent, tough and sticky film. After that, the PVC films need to undergo calendering, blow molding and so on. After such treatment, the products formed can be considered as fresh-keeping films or other transparent films used in our daily life. The PVC film formed by adding plasticizer is a magic phenomenon in itself.

Why do you say that, because if PVC is a material adding a small amount of plasticizer, it forms a hard PVC, not a soft form of PVC, which makes PVC attractive to all kinds of people in a moment, so the product is produced in all kinds of industries. By adding a certain amount of plasticizer, we can form soft PVC, thus forming transparent plastic films that we see in our daily life.