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Soft PVC Transparent Film Has More Market Than Rigid PVC
May 10, 2018

Pvc transparent film is the main material of many products at present. The most important feature of this kind of film is that its transparency is very strong, and it is higher than the transparency of the general polymer, so it is a kind of film or a plastic wrap. It is just perfect. This kind of pvc film can change hardness and other characteristics due to the different doses of plasticizer added, so it can be said to be a highly plastic material.

    Hard PVC is often used in products with high hardness requirements and also requires corrosion resistance. It plays a key role as a main material. The dosage of pvc in this form is not as much as that of soft pvc, but the soft form of pvc is formed with the addition of plasticizer, which forms a soft, transparent, and sticky pvc film. . For the development of this kind of film, it has a more market than the rigid form of pvc. As a pvc transparent film, it is increasingly used in automotive film, daily necessities, and industries. It has gradually become the world’s The second largest plastic material is a type of material we need.