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Surface Treatment Of PVC Film
Jan 26, 2018

As a plastic polymer, PVC is a relatively practical material. Because of different dosage of plasticizer, it can form soft PVC film and hard PVC building materials. It can be seen that the hardness change is very large. When it comes to polyvinyl chloride, the film it forms on the surface is also needed to deal with. But before the surface properties and processing of PVC films, we first look at the application of PVC membrane in various industries, plastic film industry in China in application of PVC film is the most widely used plastic film, China demand yield to nine percent annual growth rate of more than, with more and more new materials new equipment, more and more demand for PVC film will certainly growing!

Application of plastic film in packing line is very broad, because he is generally used for food packaging, electronic product packaging, clothing packaging and so on, they have one thing in common, that is all PVC transparent film for color printing, then the process of food packaging and vacuum aluminizing to operate, factors, plastic film the surface tension of high degree of freedom, the requirements are very high, which is beneficial to the printing ink, adhesive and plastic film firmly combined in the packaging process, the surface of the thin film has a certain performance can lead to prevent film links or skid, used in electrical appliances, electronic products, packaging, PVC film has the performance of preventing static electricity! The properties of this material are considered to be more prominent in the polymer.