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Synthetic Leather Furniture
Oct 15, 2018

Natural leather is widely used to produce daily necessities and industrial products due to its excellent natural properties. But with the growth of world population, the demand for leather is doubled, and the limited number of natural leather has long been unable to meet people's needs. Expert research and development of artificial leather, synthetic leather. Synthetic leather is usually made of reticulated layer with impregnated non-woven fabric and microporous polyurethane layer as a granular layer. Both the positive and the reverse are very similar to the leather, and have some air permeability, which are more close to the natural leather than the ordinary leather. The synthetic leather furniture has the characteristics of mildew proof, yellowing resistance, water pressure resistance and so on. This kind of PVC furniture is mainly used to decorate the walls and decorate the furniture, and can make the soft hardness according to the customer's requirements.