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The Availability Of PVC Particles Is High, And The Value Of PVC Transparent Film Is Great
Jul 27, 2018

If there is a kind of film that can be used in various fields in the city, the film is not PVC, which is a widely used polymeric material. As the PVC transparent film formed by polyvinyl chloride, it is of great value. At present, this form of film is used in many places, such as car sticker, cosmetics, light proof mold and so on, and PVC is not only a form of membrane, but also has high hardness and hard PVC form. This form is also available in industrial engineering. When used, there is a supply of engineering plastics which includes the supply of this material. No matter what kind of material, it shows the strength of this material.

And in the PVC film and the continuous development of hard PVC, the market prospects are huge, and the high availability of this kind of particles, so that many people begin to steal PVC particles, making the quality of this particle greatly reduced. This is a retrogression for the development of plastics itself. Manufacturers and relevant monitoring departments need to prevent such a thing from happening. In fact, the quality of PVC can be improved in several aspects. For example, in the process of production, the RPM of the granulator and the machine should be kept in harmony to ensure that the size of the PVC particles is uniform. At the same time, it should be checked whether the cutting knife is sharp, the fixed is good and the angle is not appropriate, and the grain cutting is not bad. Every time the machine is restarted after shutdown, the PVC rubber particles from the first five minutes should be reprocessed. The second stage machine should pick up the final gelatinized material at the outlet of the twin screw. These are the ways to ensure that the quality of the plastic material can be guaranteed.