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The Characteristic Principle Of PVC Film
Mar 30, 2018

PVC film is a new type of adhesive film which is both environmentally friendly and efficient. Since the PVC film appears, PVC film has the characteristics of ordinary sticker. The adhesive film is common at room temperature directly affixed to the surface of the plate glue, so after one or two years, the film is easy to fall off. And the PVC film is vacuum laminator application specific pressure attached on the surface of the plate under the high temperature of 110 degrees, so it is not easy to fall off.

Although the PVC PVC film, transparent film has excellent quality assurance, but some people may say, after all, PVC is a chemical product, it is not a natural material, no toxicity and odor elimination, will inevitably cause damage to the environment. That is not the case, this is because the general production of PVC film material is through special refined, toxic substances are completely extracted, so PVC is completely non-toxic and tasteless, no irritation to human skin or respiratory system, for those people who are allergic to wood and paint, the use of PVC film packaging of furniture or utensils is very appropriate. By using PVC film as a decorative film, people you can use a lot of MDF, particleboard, plywood and fiberboard, reduce the use amount of wood, thus reducing the forest and environmental destruction. From this perspective, the protection of the PVC film on the ecological environment made great Contribution.