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The Characteristics Of PVC Membrane Make Use Of It In Daily Life.
Jun 06, 2018

If we talk about most of the products at present, a lot of products are produced in advance by surface treatment. The reason for the need for surface treatment is that the current surface treatment technology is more mature, and the product can be more luster after the surface treatment. This is the value of this surface treatment, and when it comes to surface treatment, it has to say the coating, which is a relatively mainstream surface treatment. It also uses a kind of PVC film, which is a relatively common film, also has a certain corrosion resistance. It is a popular type of coating material at present. And PVC has many characteristics, not only with corrosion resistance, but also transparent and certain viscosity, so as a kind of film cover, it is a kind of film covering. It is still very meaningful.

If the present PVC film is now in what place in life, the fresh-keeping film is the main type, this is the use of plastic film in the form of use of living supplies. Besides, there are also plastic films or PVC transparent films on the cell phone film and automobile cover.