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The Characteristics Of PVC Membrane Make Use Of It In Daily Life
Sep 10, 2018

If you talk about most of the products now, many of them are pre-treated and produced. The reason for the need for surface treatment, mainly due to the current surface treatment technology is more mature, can be produced after surface treatment products more glossy. This is the value of this kind of surface treatment, and when it comes to surface treatment we have to say the coating, which is a relatively mainstream surface treatment. And also used a kind of PVC film, which is a relatively common film, but also has a certain corrosion resistance, is a relatively popular type of coating materials, and PVC has many characteristics, not only corrosion resistance, it also has transparency and a certain viscosity, so as a kind of film covering It's still very meaningful.

If the current PVC film in what areas of life, which is the main type of preservative film, which is the use of plastic film form of daily necessities. In addition, the main components of the plastic film or PVC transparent film are also found on the mobile phone film and automobile mask.