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The Development Of The PVC Film As A Plastic Product In The City
May 07, 2018

As we all know, plastic is the most used kind of material in the city at present, and the development of plastics is also very rapid. At present, many types of plastic materials are produced, including the material with high plasticity and ductility, such as PVC, which is also the plastic material of the second ambassadors in the world. It can be seen that its use is very high, and the number of use is many, and its use is so much mainly because of its plasticity, it can form different forms under different doses of plasticizer, and the change of hardness is great, and this kind of polyvinyl chloride is the most used in the city. One of the plastic materials. As a plastic material, PVC film is the main form and the main material of plastic film at present.

The appearance of PVC film also provides a developing way for some industries, such as transparent or transparent packaging. Because of the addition of plasticizers, the PVC film has a certain viscosity and is better than the ordinary polyethylene, so the film is also called the PVC transparent film. The main plastic film form in the city.