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The Difference Between The Two Main Forms Of Pvc Film
May 17, 2018

PVC film can be seen in many common molded products or films containing products. This type of plastic is actually similar to polyethylene, but its ductility and plasticity are relatively strong. Hard pvc can be used in pipes, buildings, in some plastic hard products can also be used, and soft pvc is the main form of film, pvc film can be used in the plastic wrap, auto glass reflective film to add, It is a kind of plastic material with a wide range of applications and strong effects. And whether it is a rigid form of pvc or other forms of pvc, they are all examples of the plasticity of pvc, and it also shows that the ductility of this material is very good. If the Monkey King's gold cuff can be long or short, then pvc is a material that can be hard and soft, using a wide range of applications.

Such a material, why there will be two completely different hardness and appearance of the form, which is mainly determined by the addition of plasticizers to determine the general hard PVC are added less than 5 parts of plasticizer Metering, and soft form of pvc film or pvc transparent film is to add more than 25 parts of the measurement, so the two extreme forms of pvc appeared, this is a major discovery of plastic, but also plastic in the future can become Main factors of mainstream packaging materials in the city.