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The Essential Reason For PVC Leather
Jan 26, 2018

First of all, the security performance of PVC is very high. PVC is the only material in many plastics that has been proved to be able to store human blood cells. PVC has passed a large number of European food contact and medical certification.

Second, PVC is universal and durable. Light weight, good toughness, durable and durable.

Third, PVC can save fossil fuels. PVC is made from 57% sodium chloride and 43% oil, and the mineral fuel used by PVC is the least compared to other common plastics.

Fourth, PVC uses less energy. The production process of PVC is the least consumed energy in general plastics.

Fifth, the carbon emissions of PVC are relatively small in the production process.

Sixth, PVC has a higher price ratio.

Seventh, PVC saves more energy.

Eighth, PVC is completely recyclable. PVC has high reprocessing performance, reused again or reused for three times, and its carbon emissions are even smaller.