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The Flame Retardancy Of PVC Film Is Its Greatest Feature
Sep 07, 2018

PVC is still a kind of plastic material which is widely used at present. as a kind of polymer, its biggest characteristic lies in its good flame retardancy, so this material is also widely used in fire protection equipment. PVC film is also used in fire protection, and because of its high transparency, in many cases, transparent films are used more. In contrast, many of the current equipment, devices or the use of this PVC material, it is also an irreplaceable type of plastic materials. In many cases, we have solved many problems in our lives by using products made of PVC films.

This is the value of the current transparent film, and speaking of its flame retardancy, in fact, it is also a certain defect, so it needs to be treated to be able to use properly. In other words, it takes two steps to make the poisonous gases released during the combustion process unaffected by people. This is a solution to the problem of producing hydrogen chloride or poisonous gases when the material is burned.