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The Flame Retardancy Of PVC Film Is Useful For Reference
Apr 09, 2018

Plastic film is now used in the daily life of the more plastic materials, we usually see a lot of mobile film sticker, car sticker, wall sticker, plastic plastic film and so on. In fact, plastic is ubiquitous in our life, and plastic film is one of them. Even a layer of skin care and cosmetics covered by women is a plastic film. When it comes to PVC thin film, in fact, the film is used in some fire fighting equipment. Its main characteristic is its good flame retardance.

The use of this material is still very good, in the city, in some quarters, during the period of change, early and late temperature difference, and some places more dry easier to cause fire, and this time need to use fire fighters to fire. For these reasons, many plastics materials can be used in fire-fighting apparatus and other fire equipments at present. Many of the flame retardants of these plastics are used for reference to PVC films. It can be said that the flame retardancy of this material is of reference.

According to the characteristics of plastic film and some defects, it can be used in the place where it can play a role, which is a major form of the development of plastic materials and a form of development of the material industry.