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The Main Development Of The PVC Film On The Additives
Apr 13, 2018

If the current development of PVC materials is very rapid, which produces a hard form of PVC, also produced a soft PVC film, which can be said that the current development of PVC is still relatively stable. In fact, this is the development of the role of a PVC stabilizer in recent years, speaking of this stabilizer, in fact, we have to say some of the characteristics of PVC, and as the main PVC products are currently used in many aspects, as the main form, in fact, the PVC thin film is also a better product. It has been used in automotive sunscreen films, cell phone patches, skin care products and so on. Here is a brief introduction to the main development of PVC materials.

PVC materials need to be heated to 200 C before being used, so it is necessary to add stabilizers to prevent thermal decomposition in PVC materials. At present, domestic PVC stabilizer is the most widely used lead salt stabilizer, but there is a problem of environmental safety. In order to conform to the trend of lead prohibition in PVC industry in the world, a series of measures have been taken in recent years to restrict and reduce the use of lead salt stabilizers. Lead stabilizers will gradually withdraw from the market. PVC materials production enterprises urgently need a kind of substitute products with good stability and environmental efficiency and high efficiency and cheap. The development of rare earth stabilizers can largely meet the needs of PVC manufacturers for environmental protection and efficient stabilizers.