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The Main Production Of Pvc Film And Its Use
Apr 28, 2018

PVC is one of the most widely used plastic materials in the world. It is a type of plastic that has been highly plastic since its development. We have used it to bring convenience to the cities of our country, and countless products have been born from it. Whether it is a hard type of PVC or a soft PVC, it is the first choice for all kinds of items in the city. Among them, the pvc film is a type of plastic with relatively high plasticity. This kind of polymer can change its material hardness and other characteristics according to different aspects of use, and can play a considerable effect.

    In fact, this film is formed by the addition of a plasticizer, has a high transparency and viscosity, and is used in many places, and the pvc film itself also has a certain degree of water resistance and corrosion resistance, so There is also certain protection in practicality. This kind of film is mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride, which is generally suitable for light and small products such as food, beverages, appliances, medicine, daily necessities, toys, cosmetics, and light industrial hardware. After the special film for labels is printed, Applicable to the use of product labels and one-time-opening applications. A special set of customized standard covers is used for packaging of wine bottle caps. In addition, this kind of pvc film has a variety of products that are used more often in our lives, that is, cling film. This is the most commonly used method when dealing with foods left over, and is also known as pvc transparent film. The bag made of PVC film, styles changeable, exquisite high-grade, can be used directly as a bag, but also widely used in a variety of product packaging, suitable for packaging gifts, cosmetics, clothing textiles, beauty salon nail supplies, stationery, ID card Set of tags, toys, food packaging, hardware tools, watches, electronics and other daily necessities and crafts.