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The Pvc Film Has Variability And The Scope Of Use
May 15, 2018

PVC film, a form of PVC, is also a form of cling film for our home. The rapid development of modern technology has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Many items in our lives are made of polymers. Most of the packaging bottles and packaging boxes are made of plastic materials. The plastics are plastic and have many changes in form, especially the hardness. It can be as hard as steel, and it can be as soft as a film. The pvc film is its soft performance.

The pvc transparent film is the main constituent material of most stickers, cling film, light wallpaper, polyvinyl chloride itself has a variety of characteristics, so it is used to many aspects, this PVC is generally suitable for food, beverages , Electrical appliances, pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, toys, cosmetics, light industrial hardware, and other light and small products, the special film used for labeling is suitable for the use of labeling and once-opening applications, and a special standard set after shaping is used for packaging of wine bottle caps.