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What Are The Requirements For PVC Thin Films During Processing
Jun 01, 2018

As the main material in plastic, PVC is undoubtedly a material with high plasticity, it is also the main form of plastic film, such as PVC film, as a material with large hardness change, its value in plastic is not much worse than polyethylene. As a kind of highly plastic material, the material quality is very critical, because it is present in our life and work in the city, so the quality of the material of its own needs to be guaranteed. At present, in addition to the use of PVC thin films, PVC particles and colloidal particles are used in our life. Therefore, it is very important to improve the quality of PVC particles.

So what should we do from those aspects?

1. in accordance with the prescribed feeding sequence, the general stabilizer is first added and poured into the valve.

2. in order to eliminate the phenomenon of unequal mixing of raw powder and mixing. (generally, when the powder is finished, the cylinder should be swept first, then the low speed starts, then the powder is mixed evenly, then the plasticizer is added, then the cylinder should be swept before the second refueling, and then the fuel is started. " Before the discharge, the lid should be covered and stirred for 1-2 minutes at a low speed to eliminate volatiles.

3. the control of the time and temperature of the material is different according to the specifications of the rubber. The principle is to ensure that the material is mixed evenly, and the plasticizer is fully absorbed, no raw powder, no caking. Clean the cylinder when you are playing.

4. the process control of the machine should also be treated differently according to the different specifications of the rubber. In principle, the temperature of the material should be increased gradually from the feeding section, the compression section, the gelatinized section and the forming section. The temperature of the machine head can be reduced properly on the premise of ensuring the bright appearance of the glue material or the adhesive strip. The general principle is to ensure that the glue is evenly and well distributed without raw materials and scorching and agglomeration.

5. in strict accordance with the specified formulation of the project, the correct use and accurate weighing of materials shall not be allowed to alter the dosage or replace the raw materials without authorization.

6. the material worker should pay attention to checking the valve regularly, so as to prevent leakage of raw powder due to bad valve sealing.