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What Kind Of Leather Are There In The Sofa Leather?
Jan 26, 2018

Sofa leather is the main raw material for making leather sofa. On the surface of sofa, there are many raw materials for sofa leather, such as leather sofa leather, PU sofa leather, PVC shoe upper leather and so on.

Sofa leather is the main raw material for making leather sofa. On the surface of making sofa, there are many raw materials for sofa leather, such as leather sofa leather, PU sofa leather, PVC shoe upper leather and so on. Leather sofa leather leather general (the first layer, the two or three layer, suede pigskin), (the first layer, the two layer, and leather, suede).  The cowhide is also divided into yellow cowhide and water cowhide. It is divided into the head layer, the two layer and the three layer according to its level. The sofa is a soft leather, which is between 1.2 and 1.4mm according to the thickness of the sofa. The common quality requirements are comfort and durability. The area with large leather sofa is better, can increase cutting rate, reduce joint. In a modified leather leather, leather processing and finishing is modified on the surface and into, and it can be pressed on different lines, some leather finishing material thickness, wear resistance and poor permeability. Now the leather sofa leather has a wide variety of patterns, and the animal pattern leather is the most used. There are snakes, leopard lines, zebra zebra lines, etc.

Genuine leather

Dermis is raw material that is stripped from cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer or some other animals. After tanning and processing, leather materials made of various characteristics, strength, touch, color and pattern are essential materials for modern leather products. Among them, cattle hide, sheepskin and pigskin are the three big skins of tannery materials. The dermis is divided into two types: the head layer and the two layer skin.

1, the first layer skin: the first layer skin is directly processed from the raw skins of various animals, or the skins of cattle, pigs, horses and other animal skins with thicker cortex are sliced up and down to two layers. The top part of the tightly woven fabric is processed into various kinds of head skin.

2, two layer skin: two layers of skin is a looser two layer of fibrous tissue. It is made by spraying or coated with PVC and PU films by chemical materials.

After the processing of leather leather

3, laser skin: also called laser skin, citing laser technology on the leather surface etched various pattern of the latest leather varieties.

4, printing or pyrographic: materials with embossed leather skin, but the process is different from the printing or scalding head or two layers of skin with various patterns or pattern.

5, water leather: refers to the use of cattle and sheep, pigs, horses, deer and other top layer leather dyeing various colors on the drum break loose, soft leather and various Polish processed.

6, open edge bead skin: also known as film leather, is thrown into two halves along the spine, and to repair the wrinkle belly and limbs part of the first layer of skin or the two layer of the open edge of leather, in the processing of PVC film on the surface of fit all kinds of clean color, metal color, glossy pearl color, double color or color multicolor and.

7, repair leather: top layer leather billet poor, surface polishing treatment, remove scars and blood cord surface, with a variety of popular color leather pulp after spraying, pressed into grain or smooth skin effect.

8, paint: made by two layer leather spraying chemical raw materials after the pressure of light colored or extinction of leather processing.

9, embossed leather: generally used in dough repair or open edge bead by pressing various designs or patterns and. For example, imitation crocodile, lizard, snake skin, ostrich skin wrinkles and ripple patterns, beautiful lines, bark embossed, imitation deer, as well as a variety of stripes, plaid, three-dimensional pattern or reflect the brand image of the creative pattern etc..

10, frosted skin: the leather surface is polished, and the grain scar or rough fiber is worn out, revealing the smooth and smooth leather fabric, and then dyed into various popular colors.

11, suede leather: also called Jing leather, is the leather surface shine into the fluffy, then dyed a variety of popular colors and the first layer of skin.

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